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The Challenge

A fire broke out in the back of a single-family home in Warwick.  Investigators believe a clogged pellet stove caused the fire, which destroyed the lower level living room and family room along with two upstairs bedrooms located directly above the scene of the fire.  In addition, the backdraft of flames shot into the attic destroying the roof truss system. Heavy smoke, char, and soot damage from the fire also severely damaged the entire interior of the house, rendering it unlivable. Fortunately, the residents were able to flee the home once they detected the fire and no one was hurt. The Challenge: to get the home back to its original condition within a few months.

The Solution

As a  preferred vendor of the owner’s property insurance company, Single Source’s fire and smoke division, Smoke Clean of New England, was immediately called to the scene to secure the site to prevent further damage and to also provide professional expertise on what work was needed to restore the home back to its original condition.

After accessing the property damage, Single Source determined that it would be highly feasible and more cost efficient for both the owner and the insurance company to partially rebuild the house instead of tearing it down completely.

A Reconstruction Project Manager was assigned to the project to keep the owner informed of all phases of the reconstruction and to also act as a liaison with the owner’s insurance company to ensure that all work was performed to the highest quality building codes and standards.

The roof of the home was torn down to reconstruct the roof’s truss system. The top inside rooms were gutted and reframed.

The Result

Mission accomplished: The home, completely reconstructed and ready for the delighted residents to move in. Our integrity and track record helps us complete reconstruction quicker. In each reconstruction project, we take an objective look at any catastrophe, removing emotion from the equation and provide a scope of loss that is forthright, honest and acceptable to all. Because of that, insurance companies trust us, approve our estimates, and let us get to work — fast.

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