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Shane, I wanted to commend you and your team for the work you did to address the sewer water damage to our basement at #259 Benefit Street in Providence. From the moment we first contacted your office until your team removed your drying equipment and repositioned things in our basement, you were in regular communication with us.

You arrived within two hours of being called on a day were there were a lot of calls due to the heavy rains in Rhode Island. You reviewed the situation, provided rough guidance on the cost of the project, which seemed very reasonable. You then arranged for your estimator to visit our basement so that the formal quotation could be supplied. The formal quotation was very clear on the scope of the work Single Source would do. The formal quote was lower than your rough quotation, which is always something that is appreciated.

On the appointed day, you and your team arrived on time. You gave clear instructions to your team and they did as instructed. I was very impressed with the work your team did. They did more than I expected. Their thoroughness is greatly appreciated. You checked on the project daily to see that the drying was properly progressing and allowed an extra day of drying given additional rain storms that hit the area while the drying was in progress. Even when they were collecting the drying equipment, your team took the time to move things back where they were originally. In all, my associates and I were very pleased with your management of the project and the performance of you team. Please feel free to use this email as an endorsement of Single Source’s work.

Nicholas Fazzano, President
Athenaeum Row Condo Association
Providence, Rhode Island

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