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Thermal Imaging Moisture Detection

moisture detectionSingle Source Restorative Drying uses the most advanced technology in order to determine the source of the water intrusion as well as moisture detection. Moisture in building materials can destroy the structural integrity and nurture mold.

The first step in moisture remediation is to quickly and accurately locate and remove all sources of moisture. Infrared cameras show you what’s wet and what’s dry and can find the source with little or no physical disassembly of the premises and minimal disturbance of the structural materials. We can also provide the customer and the insurance company with a detailed infrared imaging report detailing all areas of concern.

moisture detectionOur various moisture meters enable us to check all structural materials, unaffected and affected areas for moisture content readings, temperature and specific humidity (GPP). These readings are key, in order to dry the structure effectively. All areas are monitored daily and

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